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5 Body Language Tips To Be More Attractive

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I am going to share 5 body language tips to help you to be more attractive to women. 

Body language is very important when it comes to attracting and seducing women. Your actions communicate much more that you words. Women feed on your physical cues much more that you verbal ones.

Number one is to always act confident. 

You have to always show that you are confident. Stand erect, stand tall and stand proud. Walk with smooth fluid movements. Walk like you know where you are going and are sure you are going to get there.

Number two, Show her that you are interested. 

Women do not respect shy or timid guys. She will not take you or your interest in her serious if you do not let her know that you are interested. Match her body movements. Better yet lead her into matching your body movements. Use a lot of eye contact with her but make sure that you do not stare. If you have the opportunity, touch her. When touching a woman you will be looking to see if she is giving you red or green lights to stop or continue. As long as she gives you green lights you need to continue and escalate the touching. You can start off by simple touching her hand, wrist, elbow or shoulder. If she enjoys your touch than you should continue to escalate.

body language

Number three, recognize when she shows interest. 

If she is fixing her cloth, or touching her hair, than she is interested in you. If she is stroking her arm or yours, than she likes you. If she smiles a lot or looks into your eyes, than  she likes you. 


Four, avoid signals that turn people off. 

The main thing not to do is to cross your arms. When you cross your arms that puts up a barrier. If you have a barrier in front of you, people can not come into your world. Make sure that you do not cross your arms, keep those arms uncrossed and you will appear inviting. The next one is not to put your hands on your face, because it looks like you are hiding from something. If your hands are on your face than people can not really see your face, if people can not see your face than they do not know who you are and may not want to get to know you. You want your face to be an open book.  Do not scratch you face, nose or ears for the same reasons.

Five, what to do with your hands. 

Make sure that you keep your hands open and inviting. Do not fold or cross your hands. Do not twitch, fiddle or play around with your hands in a restless manner. Do not keep your hands and palms facing down. Keep your palms facing up when possible because that is a welcoming gesture. Keep your hands away from your face. Keep your fingers pretty close together, because you do not want to have a webbed look to your hands.


Once you have your body language game down you may look into Meeting Women at Work. This can be a gold mine of oppurtunity if you play your cards right. You have to be very careful in this environment.