woman bored with man

5 Things to Never Talk to Women About


There are 5 things to never talk to women about. If you do have conversations with women with these 5 subjects you are sure to mess up your chances with them.

Do not talk to women about technology. No matter how much you enjoy technology do not talk to her about that. Once you start to talk about tech stuff with women the first thing that they think is that you are boring and worse yet, women will think of you as a nerd. Once a woman thinks of you as a nerd your chances of having sex with her are slim to none. Women want to have sex with macho men, not nerds. Do not talk to women about your computer games, xbox, playstation, your train set, race cars, your motorcycle or your car at that because she does not care.

woman bored with man

Do not talk to a woman about any serious issues. Women do not really care about world events and even if they did you are the last person that they want to her it from. Do not talk to women about earthquakes, floods or storms that have happened recently. You will bore her with these conversations. Do not talk to her about the latest horror movie or the latest celebrity or singer that has just died. This kind of conversation will just make her depressed.

Do not talk to a woman about her past relationships or ex boyfriend. Women will not mind talking or venting about their ex boyfriends to you. Now you have to take control of the conversation and redirect it away from the ex boyfriend because no matter how good a conversation with a woman is going concerning her ex boyfriend you are losing. The reason that you are losing is because she is thinking about the ex boyfriend and not you during these conversations. With you being the new guy you have less of a strong hold on her heart so stay away from the ex boyfriend conversations with women.

Do not talk to women about politics or religion. Women do not care about politics and if you bring up religion that may bring up her guilty concious about sex.

Do not talk to her about material things or your credentials. Women are not impressed by material things or credentials. If you have a nice car and great career guess what. There were 5 other guys with the same credentials that approached her. Instead of talking about material things like your car, house, watch, TV or funiture to a woman, focus on what you can do for her. Women will label you a loser as soon as you talk about your profession or your business. Women know that you are trying to impress them so right there you are coming from a needy position. Fellas even an average looking woman can sleep with mostly any man every day of the week.

Follow my advice when you meet a new woman she will be crazy about you. If you made any of the mistakes above on your ex girlfriend who left you than you can us this program to get your ex girlfriend back.