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6 Steps to Turning Your Friend into a Lover

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It is not hard for you to turn your friend into a lover. Women have emotional buttons that need to be pushed and if you push her emotional buttons the right way she will be your lover.

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I am going to break down the 6 steps to turning your friend into a lover really easy for you.

The first thing you need to do is to limit your availability to her. If you are there for her all the time then she will not appreciate you. If she wonders where you are and what you are doing than that will amp up attraction.

woman ignoring man 1The second thing you need to do is to limit your calls with her. Make sure that you keep your conversations short and sharp with her until you have slept together. For example, try to keep your conversations with you lady friend to around 5 minutes. This applies to text messaging as well.

The third thing that you have to do is ti deal with her mood swings and emotions. Once she acts out of line you have to put her in her place right away. You can not give a woman an inch. If you give a woman an inch she will take a mile. When your woman friend gets out of line you can handle it sternly or gracefully bow out. If she is acting all emotional you can tell her to shut up and calm down or tell she that she seems to be having a ruff day and you are going to let her calm down while you are going to go and take care of a few things. This all depends on the respect level she has for you. This will show your woman friend that you are a man that is in control of his surroundings and that will subconsciously communicate to her that you can and will be in control of her.

The fourth thing and one of the most powerful things is to not let her talk about her ex boyfriend. The reason that I am telling you this is that every time she talks about her ex boyfriend it pulls powerful emotions on her part that bring her closer to the ex boyfriend. Even if she is talking bad about him on the surface level on the inner level she is having feeling of loss, love, pain and joy of her past relationship. So when you entertain these conversations all you are doing is helping that guy out.

woman ignoring man 3Never address her ex boyfriend by name, call him that dude or that clown. When ever she brings up the ex boyfriend, change the subject right away, do not feed into it. Say to her, that dudes lose is your gain.

The 5th thing we will discuss is to never let her know that you are attracted to her. If you let your lady friend know you are attracted to her she will be weired out by you and think that you are creepy. Women do not like men that they are not attracted to, to be attracted to them. She must feel attraction first then you must act on that attraction. That is how women operate. If you change the order of these things she will feel disgusted. Think about the last time so woman that you was not attracted to professed her attraction to you. How did you feel? You probably felt nasty and wanted to run away from that woman. Well that's how your lady friend will feel if you profess your attraction to her.

The final thing I will share with you is to walk away if you don't get your way. Man up and cut ties with a chic if she is not putting out. You know if she is not giving you sexual favors that she is giving the next guy sexual favors so why should you hang around and put up with that. There are plenty of women out there who will welcome your advances so go for it.