Approach Women Instantly

Approach Women Instantly – The 3 Second Rule


In order to be successful you have to approach women instantly when you see one that you like. 

You basically have 3 seconds to approach women in order to get a girl to give you here number or go out with you. The reason that you have to approach women within 3 seconds is because if you wait longer than that you will start to psych yourself out.

To approach women effectively you have to act on impulse.

Beautiful women get a lot of guys coming at them all day and night long. Hot women can actually see you checking them out before she even turns towards you. Its almost like young women have eyes behind their heads. If a beautiful woman sees you checking her out and you do not approach her but continue to check her out she will get weirded out and think that you are some crazy stalker. Think about it. How would you feel if some older women were staring at you, following you around and not talking to you but just starring at you every time you turn around? You would not like that. So thats how these young women feel when you are following them around, starring at them and not saying anything. Approach women right away when you see them or  when they see you it will make the whole interaction a lot better.

Approach Women Instantly

If you dont approach women right away chance are you will not get any women.

Most of the hot women out here will appreciate it if you are straight forward and say hello and let them know that you are interested. So when you see a beautiful woman, just walk up to her and say hello. All she can do is respond with hi or im not interested. Thats all you have to do. When you approach women in this direct manner she already have a degree of respect for you. She see's that you are a man that goes for what he wants and is not affraid.