Attract Women With Sexual Chemistry

Magic of making up

You can’t focus on thinking about sex. 

You have to focus on getting into her head. You want to connect with her emotions. You have to push her away and pull her into you in order to attract a woman with sexual chemistry. What you are doing is building her up. A woman does not want you to jump on her right away. Women want to know that the sexual intent is there but the want to be unsure of things. Women like to feel tension. Notice how they love the drama of a soup opera. Women love sexual innuendos. It makes their imaginations run wild.

Women do not want what they can have. 

Women want what they can not have. Think about it, why married men get so many propositions. Because women know they are taken and have a wife. To attract women with sexual chemistry you need to know how to tease her. When you are on a date with a women, you can hold her hand and even get up close and personal with her like you are about to kiss her, but do not kiss her. You can touch noses and have your lips extremely close to her lips, try to keep that position as long as possible than pull back and do not kiss her. This sexual tension will always attract women. When you are ready to kiss her she will be so relieved and enjoy every second of it. Women think about sexual more than men think about sex. They are just better at hiding the fact because that is society’s expectation of them. If you tell her you drive a stick shift car make sure you use a sexual innuendo along with that, such as I have a big stick shift in the car. She will know what you mean and love it. Remember to give a little bit than pull it back. This will keep her guessing.

Women do not want you if you are easy. 

Women want a challenge. In order to attract women with sexual chemistry you have to be seen as a sexual man in her eyes. You have to dress attractively and continuously flirt with her than almost ignore her in a split second. You will give her attention in one instant and take it away in another instant. This will leave her wanting more attention from you. You can ask any woman if this is true and she will tell you it is true. She will tell you that she hates clingy guys who are always all over her. The excitement of the hint of sex that women like is that it gets their imagination going. A good sexual innuendo here and there can go a long way in getting the girl to think of you as a sexual man instead of just a friend.

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When you are flirting with women, never play it cautious. Always go for it. 

You want to tease her and turn her on to the point where she is almost ready to jump on you on the spot. Challenge the women to meet you at your sexual chemistry level. In order to attract women with sexual chemistry you have to get her relaxed and gets her blood flowing. Laughter is the best technique her. So you have to get her laughing. Tell her a good joke or two and get the mood to be playful. Next you can start to playfully touch her, and finally you pull it all back and just sit back and relax. You can rinse and repeat this process all night. By the end of the night she will be jumping your bones.