Deal With A Disrespectful Girlfriend

Deal With A Disrespectful Girlfriend


A Disrespectful Girlfriend Is Not A Lady.

You have to deal with a disrespectful girlfriend with a stern authority. This is something that most guys have to deal with. A lot of people say it is just a woman’s way of testing you out. I think that they are cold deceiving and concentrating creatures. You have to nip it in the bud. In other words stop that disrespectful behavior right away.

Women think that when they promise or give you sex that they have the right to treat you any way they want. You must let your women know that you care about her but do not want to be disrespected by your girlfriend. When a guy puts his foot down and does not allow his women to disrespect him she says that he is abusive. That is a cop out.

Do Not Put Up With A Disrespectful Girlfriend

Women want it all but do not want to give anything in return. They want the whole women’s liberation thing with them being equal in all things but still expect guys to pay for everything. That is a load of crap. Women must know that they can not pick and choose. They want to be managers at work and bossy wife’s and girlfriends at home. There are universal laws that govern us. One of them is that the man is the leader and protector of the family unit. Once a disrespectful girlfriend tries to break these laws, everything else goes wrong. Think about it the divorce rate is about 50%, that means that girls go into marriage with plans of getting out as soon as there husband tries to speak up.

Let Your Disrespectful Girlfriend Know That You Are The Boss

You make the rules and run things. I am in no way saying you should ever disrespect or abuse women. But the bottom line is that women want a leader. Coach your women repeatedly if necessary. I let my woman have a lot of control in my relationship, but she knows that this is with my permission. Any woman that does things without permission basically does not have a man.

Signs Of A disrespectful Girlfriend Include But Are Not Limited To The Following List:

Does not pay attention when you speak
Talks over you
Does not respond to your questions
Talks about what other people do better than you
Does not cook for you
Criticizes every thing you do
Says that you are not this or not that
Thinks that you are not smart
With holds sex
Uses sex as a weapon
Talking to other men, online, on phone or in person
Does not call you
Does not pick up right away when you call
Does not tell you, who, what, where, and when, things in her life



Deal With A Disrespectful Girlfriend These are just a few of the things that a disrespectful girlfriend does. There is a lot more you can add to the list. I think you get it. The most important thing to do is to let the woman know when she violates these common sense rules. Buddy, do not ever think that women have common sense, because they do not. It you do not let them know what is what they will run around clueless as can be. Think about it, with all the horny single guys out here, why do women become pen pals with inmates and end up marrying and sleeping with guys in prison? Why do you see some really successful businessmen and doctors get bossed around by their wives and ultimately get divorced by their wives? I will tell you why. Women are looking for real men, not push overs. Once a woman has conquered you and took your manhood, their is nothing left for her. She is an empty shell in need of a man and she will bitch and complain to get you out of the picture so that she can have time to find a real man to dominate her.

When Your Disrespectful Girlfriend Messes Up, Find The Right Time To Talk To Her.

It is important that you find the right time. Sometimes if you confront them at the exact time when they did something wrong it can cause a fight. It is better to wait when both of you are cool, then tell her how you would like her to behave. She will lash out at first but most women will listen to you. Do not let your disrespectful girlfriend control you, instead you must take control of her. This is a work in progress and if she is willing to work with you on her bad behavior than she is worth it, if not dump her and get another girl.

As always comments are welcomed and appreciated. Be aware that when she starts acting up it is usually a case of Girlfriend With Guyfriends.