Do Not Buy Women Gifts

Do Not Buy Women Gifts For The Holidays

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Make Sure That You Do Not Buy Women Gifts

Do Not Buy Women GiftsYou probably have spent a lot of money on women that you date. I am here to tell you do not buy women gifts for the holidays. Women just cash in on your hard work during these times and hardly appreciate your effort. I strongly believe that you should not have to buy a womans affections because it is near impossible to do and temporary at best. Don't be that guy at the mall that has to follow his girlfriend around while she pick stuff out for her that he has to pay for.

Confident Men Do Not Buy Women Gifts

If you are confident in yourself and not afraid of losing a women you should not worry about showing her with gifts. If you have to keep spending on the current girl that you are with then why not just get a new one if it is costing you almost the same amount of money. That is my motto. Do not buy women gifts because that will not make her like you much more than she does now.

Do Not Buy Women Gifts 3Women Respect Men That Do Not Buy Women Gifts

When you buy a woman to many gifts she secretly dislikes you. She feels as if you are trying to buy her. When you do not buy women gifts she respects you for you. She knows that you are confident in who you are and that you have much more to offer than material things. The women that expect you to buy them gifts during the holidays are gold diggers, daddys little girl types, pre madonnas and just plain rude. Make sure you hold your head and do not buy women gifts during the holidays.