Guys Stop Being Desperate

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Guys you have to stop being desperate when dating women. You are acting as your own woman repellant. If you are running around in desperate need of a woman that it is natural for her to run away from you. Think about when you know somebody is calling you because they need something from you. This make you naturally reject the person.

A bank will not loan money to someone who is broke. So why would a girl date a guy who has no women. Notice when you go to a club the women naturally flock to the men who walked in the club with women and who are sorrounded by women. That is because these guys are not needy and desperate, they already have women.

The whole dating game is messed up because of desperate guys. Women know that they can get everything and give little to nothing back in return because of what desperate guys are will to put up with. Now what desperate guys do not realise is that after they finished chaufffering these women around town buying them things these women come home and call another guy to come have sex with them.