Meet Women on Facebook


It is really easy to meet women on Facebook. In order to meet women on Facebook you have to present an attractive profile. When you are on Facebook your primary target of women to date is women who are friends of your friends as these women will be able to see comments that you have made on your friends streams.

Now what you will need to do is to make sure your profile shows you in a positive light that is attractive to women. You may be wondering what I mean when I say your Facebook profile should present you in a positive light making you attractive to women? Your Facebook profile must show you in exciting situations enjoying your life. Women chase fantasies, women have to see a dream like setting, because women are suckers for dreams even if they know these dreams can not be real.

You Facebook profiles should have a lot of friend who should be 50% women. A woman respects a man that is around a lot of women around him. When women on Facebook look at your profile and you have a lot of women friends that gives you step 1 of social proof. Women on Facebook will only talk to men on Facebook who have a lot of women friends. I know you are thinking how can you have a lot of women on your page. Here is the deal, you need to put every woman you know. Don't worry about how fine they are, they are women and other women count them.

Now you need to start to Friend request all the women friends of your current friends on Facebook  and see where that goes. Now Facebook may penalize you for Friend requesting women that you do not know but there is a work around for that. If Facebook  penalized you than you can still poke girls on Facebook with no penalty. To poke a girl on Facebook all you have to do is to go to her profile and click poke. When you poke a girl on Facebook she will be intriqued to find out what you want with her and may email you or friend request you.

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Another way to meet women on Facebook is to comment on her post one or two times at the most then to inbox her with a message. When you contact a girl on Facebook make sure that you are direct with her. Let the Facebook girl know that you want to get with her. Remember that this is a game of averages. If you talk to enough girls on Facebook you will get laid.