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Myth Of Women And Seduction

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Myth Of Women And Seduction In Dating

Women have different character types. You have to know the type of women that you are dealing with in order to know how to deal with her. I will be exposing seduction myths and showing you the right way to seduce a woman. When you make mistakes during the seduction process you are killing your chances with women. Women judge you and make assumptions on you based upon your facial gestures, body language and your overall confidence. A woman wants a strong man that can protect and lead her. No matter what women tell you, that is what they are looking for. When a woman enters a room she is instinctively looking for the dominant male. In the Pandora's Box system we will identify all of the triggers that get women to react.

Myth Of Women And Seduction, Pandoras BoxWomen Tend To Be Nice

Once a woman knows that you are non judgment she will loosen up with you. If she knows you will not judge her for sleeping with you on the first date she will sleep with you on the first date. Most so called nerds, geeks and professional men have a hard time of grasping that concept. These guys do not understand that they are the ones causing the woman not to have sex with them the first night. The average woman will sleep with you as soon as she gets comfortable with you. For some women that can be 1 hour, 8 hours, 1 day, or a week and so on. Every woman is different, you have to identify her character type, then let her know that you are non judgmental and want to have fun with her.

The Great Seducers, Use love & sex

Myth Of Women And SeductionSome women are attracted to a love story romance novel type of fantasy and some women are attracted to a rock star porn star type of stud that will turn her out. I am giving you the sexual myths and the secret to seduction here. Look at the woman that you want and figure out what you are working with. Once you know here type you can seduce her quickly. The great seducers in history have know these techniques on how to use love & sex for centuries. Find out what makes her tick, feed it to her, rinse and repeat. She will not be able to get enough of you and she will do anything you want.

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