nice guy and woman friend

Nice Guys Finish Last


We have all heard the term, "Nice guys finish last". I am here to tell you that it is true. Nice guys finish last. Nice guys women do not want you. Nice guys women will use you and not give you anything in return for it. You nice guys may do favors for women and eventually get some pity sex from a woman but it will be far and on few occasions. Women are expects on how to use an manipulate nice guys.

nice guy and woman friendWomen laugh at nice guys behind there backs and in there faces all the time. The nice guy is looked at as a doormat to most women. Women keep nice guys around because they can continuously take without having to give anything back.

Women actually despise nice guys because she can control you. That is the worst thing in the world for a woman to be able to control a guy. A woman wants a guy to call the shots.

A woman will keep a nice guy around for life while she cuts of contact with the guys that she has slept with. This is for a simple fact. Guys that she has slept with before expect and get sex from her from time to time but the nice guy is not a threat at all. She will have him doing all of the boring activities that the guys that she sleeps with will not do.

A typical day for a woman and a nice guy might go something like this. She wants to go run a few errands and check out some dresses at the mall. Her so called boyfriend will not do that stuff with her so she calls her nice guy friend and he comes to get her takes her all around town, buy her found and other stuff at the mall. His satisfaction is that he gets to be around her and fantasize about having sex with her. The nice guy does not realize that he is just another girlfriend for this girl. She talks to him about the latest jerk that she is having sex with and the nice guy says to himself why cant she be interested in a nice guy like me.

The nice guys thinks to himself after she dumps the current jerk that she is having sex with she will see that I am a great guy and become my girlfriend. He thinks that since he has been such a loyal friend to this girl and has done so many favors for her and receive next to nothing back that she appreciates that. In reality what happens is the nice guy will get pass over ever time as the girl goes from cool guy to cool guy but never to that nice guy. Even if she does give the nice guy some pity sex on occasion she has little to know respect for him. She knows that he wants sex from her but she is not turned on by the nice guy. Women know that there nice guy friends masturbate to there pictures or with her personal objects. She knows that and is disgusted by that.

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Nice guy women hate you but keep you around because you are useful for a variety of things including making her real target guy the cool guy jealous.