Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back in 6 Steps

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In order to get your ex girlfriend back you have to understand what happened to the relationship.

I will be outlining a perfect plan for you. My 6 steps to get your ex girlfriend back is clear and concise. so here are they are.

  1. Understand why your ex girlfriend broke up with you.
  2. Do not contact your ex girlfriend for at least 30 days.
  3. Stop being needy, insecure, depressed and lonely
  4. Make your ex girlfriend feel the loss of you in her life
  5. Plan to meet up with your ex girlfriend
  6. Prepare for make up sex with your girlfriend

You have to be a strong man to get your ex girlfriend back.

The strength of your character is much more important to a woman than how you look. With that said if you are begging your ex girlfriend to come back to you than you appear to be a weak man in her eyes. A beautiful woman does not want to be taken by a weak man, and most women think they are beautiful women. When you behave needy and insecure that repels the woman of your dreams into thinking that she made a great decision in breaking up with you. If you want to turn a women off just try not to act masculine. All of that stuff that women say about wanting a nice guy and not wanting the guy with the ruff caveman mentality is not true. In fact young women and older women do not even know that they are lying to themselves because even in a group of all women, they will say they want the nice guy but if you go to these womens homes they all have masculine boyfriends and husbands.

Women want a leader, a man that calls the shots and is not afraid of the results. There is no woman alive that wants the real power in a relationship. Women pretend that they want the power in a relationship but that is just a test to see if they are dealing with a real man. You have to take charge of the situation. Understand that the person who cares less controls the relationship. This sounds counter intuitive or just plain crazy but if you don't care she will care even more. That is why you can never be afraid to speak your mind. Think back to the man you was when you first meet your girlfriend and she was happy with you. Now think of the man you have become. Just make a few changes in yourself to get back as close as you can to the man you were when you first meet and you will get your ex girlfriend back.

You have to break all contact to get your ex girlfriend back.Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back

The reason for not contacting your ex girlfriend is to give you and her time to reflect on the situation. Sometimes it takes time to figure things out. During this time apart from your ex girlfriend you can figure out if you really miss her, if you are better of without her than you were with her and so on. Another reason for not contacting your ex girlfriend is that she does not want to talk to you right now. If she did than she would call you. So if she does not want to talk to you or be with you and you continue to contact her than you will come across as an annoyance. You will come across as the desperate ex boyfriend.

If you really want to get your ex girlfriend back, just take a break from your girlfriend, it will be good for both of you. Go out and date because I guarantee you that she is not thinking about you and dating some guy doing the rebound relationship thing. Give her a Chance to miss you. I would say that you need to have no contact with your ex girlfriend for at least a couple of weeks.

No contact to get your ex girlfriend back

During your time of not contacting your ex girlfriend, you need to use that time to better yourself. Think of some areas in your life that you want to improve and get to work on accomplishing these goals. In doing this you are not only accomplishing goals but you are taking your mind off of your ex girlfriend while pursuing your goals. When you improve yourself, you put yourself in a better position to get your ex girlfriend back because women are attracted to people who have accomplished things and hold status.

Get your ex girlfriend back by being attractive to her

Now that you are feeling a little better about yourself, you need to start dating other women, then you will be able to get your ex girlfriend back. Lets be real, you have needs, so go out there and get your needs meet. You never know you may end up meeting. There are women out there that are much better than your ex girlfriend. Keep an open mind and go out and have fun. Once you have had all the fun that you can have with new women then you could go and get your ex girlfriend back. Women want a man that is wanted by other women. She will sense that you have been out there and that will make your ex girlfriend attracted to you again

Matt Hustons Get Your Ex Girlfriend BackGet your ex girlfriend back in 30 days

After a few weeks has passed your ex girlfriend should have called you, if not just call her and arrange to meet up and chat for a day time date. This first date needs to be short and sharp. Basically all you are trying to do is to let your ex girlfriend see that you are ok and taking good care of yourself. Try not to talk about your dating life or hers. Instead focus on the nice time that the two of you are sharing together. Keep this date to less than an hour, preferably half an hour. When leaving arrange an evening date so that you can have make up sex, for example a bar than your house. If you follow these step I know that you can get your ex girlfriend back.


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