jerk vs nice guy, women prefer the so called jerk

Why Women Avoid Nice Guys

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There is good reason why women avoid nice guys.

The number #1 reason is that nice guys are not real. A nice guy is just pretending to be something so that he can get something out of the girl. Women can sense that fakeness a mile away, so do yourself a favor and be real with a woman. Think about this; when you are around women in your family how do you act as opposed to women that you are trying to date. What I'm saying is that when you are around women that you know very well like the ones in your family, you tend to act normal and relaxed. Now why do you change your behavior around women that you are trying to date? These same women that you are trying to date have men in their families as well and they know how a man is supposed to act. So when you come across as a yes man that is willing to accommodate there every wish, they will avoid you or worse yet use you because they know something is wrong, they can see that you are not a real man.


jerk vs nice guy, women prefer the so called jerk

Do women run from nice guys? yes they do.

When you are that so called nice guy, the most you are going to get from a woman is for her to say lets just be friends. Going back to her family. If a woman does something out of line around her farther or brother, they will put her in her place immediately. She knows that a man is head of the household for the most part. Now when you come in and let her call the shots, she knows that she is not dealing with a man but has found a new friend.

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Why do women prefer jerks and not nice guys?

The misuse of the term "jerk" has caused the so called nice guys to go completely wrong. The age old argument of why do women prefer jerks over nice guys is so misleading. I will explain to you why. Both the "jerk" and the "nice guy" are misleading terms because the jerk is not really a bad guy, he is a guy that does not pay attention to women and the nice guy is not really the nice guy that he is pretending to be. The so called jerk is concerned with his passions in life and will not let any body get in the way of that, he will ignore of even drop a hot girl in pursuit of his passion and that just so happens to turn most women on. The so called nice guy is not really a nice guy. He is just a guy trying his best to be nice to a woman in hopes that she will like him. The so called nice guy may in fact be a really mean and vicious guy but tries to charm a woman into having sex or showing him some attention. What separates the jerk from the nice guy is their authenticity. The so called jerk is real and the so called nice guy is a fake.

Do nice guys really finish last? yes they do.

A woman does not want to be bothered with something that is not real. A nice guy is just a desperate guy doing what ever he can to get attention from a girl. Whether it is agreeing with her all the time, or spending money on her, following her around and calling her all the time. She knows the nice guys motives and does not appreciate him being sneaky in order to get with her. The guy that women are looking for is the ex player that will not cheat on them because this is the guy that truly knows how to handle her.